Test Tomcat

If you want to, you can now test out Tomcat and make sure it is working properly. Tomcat expects the JAVA_HOME environment variable to be set. You can do this in csh with: setenv JAVA_HOME $BIOCORE_HOME/java/current. Change to the $BIOCORE_HOME/packages/tomcat/current/bin and execute ./startup.sh.

It may take up to 30 seconds (or more) for Tomcat to start. After that, you should now be able to use an internet browser to connect to Tomcat. Try out these URLs (changing appropriately for your machine and port number. For instance, if you installed the non secure server on port 8080, you would need to say http://localhost:8080/, and if you installed the secure server on port 8443, you would need to say https://localhost:8443/):


If you created a test certificate, you will probably be asked by your browser for verification before going to the https location.

You should see pages saying that the installation has gone correctly, and that the servlet engine is working properly.

Stop the server

From the $BIOCORE_HOME/packages/tomcat/current/bin directory, execute


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