This page is for system administrators wanting to run their own BioCoRE Server.

This page will let you register with the main BioCoRE event server so that it knows you want to run a local server. It is important that you do this as soon as possible, as we will need to respond to your request before you can finish the installation.

Name of your research group (will be used to uniquely identify you with the main Theoretical and Computational Biophysics server):

Sysadmin Contact Name:

Sysadmin Contact Email (This email address will be used to email startup information. We will also use it periodically to notify you about upgrades, etc. This email address will not be given out to third parties):

Server Password: This password is used to identify your server to the main BioCoRE event server. You will type it here (this form is submitted securely) and you will have to type it again when setting up your local server. You shouldn't need to type it again after that. So, please pick something very tricky that you are not using for any other passwords. Idea choices would be something like 'k(67DFl2' or '9D^&l@b' or something similar.

Sysadmin Contact Phone Number (this will only be used in the event of a serious problem with BioCoRE):

 Please add me to the mailing list for new release information. This means that I will receive an email when the server code is updated with new features or bug fixes.

We aren't going to penalize you if don't/can't answer the following questions 100% correct right now, but the more accurate, the better.

BioCoRE will be installed on this operating system/architecture:
Fedora Core 4/P5 3ghz,
Solaris 10/Sparc)

Most of the users that I anticipate using this BioCoRE server will be accessing from these operating systems/architectures:

Our users regularly use the following scientific applications:

Additional comments/questions for the BioCoRE team:

  • The BioCoRE local server license


    The BioCoRE team welcomes any comments, questions, or suggestions that you might have concerning our software! Please email us or fill out our feedback form.