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Helge Ritter and Klaus Schulten. Extending Kohonen's self-organizing mapping algorithm to learn ballistic movements. In R. Eckmiller and Ch. von der Malsburg, editors, Neural Computers, volume 41 of NATO Science Series F: Computer and Systems Sciences, pp. 393-406. Springer-Verlag, 1988.

RITT88 Rapid limb movements are known to be initiated by a brief torque pulse at the joints and to proceed freely thereafter (ballistic movements). To initiate such movements with a desired starting velocity u requires knowledge of the relation between torque pulse and desired velocity of the limb. We show for a planar two-link arm model that this relationship can be learnt with the aid of a self-organizing mapping of the type proposed earlier by Kohonen. To this end we extend Kohonen's algorithm by a suitable learning rule for the individual units and show that this approach results in a significant improvement in the convergency properties of the learning rule used.

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