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Anuj Girdhar, Chaitanya Sathe, Klaus Schulten, and Jean-Pierre Leburton. Graphene quantum point contact transistor for DNA sensing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 110:16748-16753, 2013. (PMC: 3801026)

GIRD2013 By using the Non-Equilibrium Greenís Function technique we show that the shape of the edge, the carrier concentration, and the position and size of a nanopore in graphene nanoribbons can strongly affect its electronic conductance as well as its sensitivity to external charges. This technique, combined with a self-consistent Poisson-Boltzmann formalism to account for ion charge screening in solution, is able to detect the rotational and positional conformation of a DNA strand inside the nanopore. In particular, we show that a graphene membrane with quantum point contact (QPC) geometry exhibits greater electrical sensitivity than a uniform armchair geometry provided that the carrier concentration is tuned to enhance charge detection. We propose a membrane design that contains an electrical gate in a configuration similar to a field effect transistor for a graphene-based DNA sensing device.

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