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Joachim Buhmann and Klaus Schulten. Storing sequences of biased patterns in neural networks with stochastic dynamics. In R. Eckmiller and Ch. von der Malsburg, editors, Neural Computers, Computer and Systems Sciences, pp. 231-242. Springer, 1988.

BUHM88 A network of spin-like neurons with asymmetric exchange interactions and stochastic spike response is proposed. The network can store and recall time sequences of regular and random biased patterns. The patterns can overlap. The performance of the suggested network is described by Monte Carlo simulation, in terms of a Fokker-Planck equation and, for a very large number N of neurons, in terms of a Liouville equation. We provide analytical expressions for the timing of the recall and analyze the scatter of the recall around the limit of precise recall N $\rightarrow$ $\infty$.

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