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Aligned myoglobin structures

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made with VMD

Biological evolution left its many traces in the form of organisms as well as in "fine print" in the form of gene sequences and associated protein structures. From the "fine print" researchers can draw conclusions about the inner workings of living cells and derive opportunities to battle disease. Researchers enjoy easy access to sequence and to structure information, but so far mainly separately, i.e., either for sequence or for structure. VMD, our widely used structure viewing and analysis program, has already offered a glimpse of the viewed protein's sequence, but with its latest release has taken a key step further, assisting in viewing and aligning multiple structures and sequences with few mouse clicks. Users of VMD 1.8.3 find themselves routinely comparing their protein of interest with analogous ones getting VMD to color the protein by similarity in structure, in sequence, and showing conserved amino acids. VMD 1.8.3 surprises with numerous further features, including a new cartoon representation that follows the actual molecular structure closely and offers superb, publication quality images. VMD continues to work together with the molecular dynamics program NAMD, permitting viewing and analysis of huge trajectory files by supporting 64-bit processors.