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Lipoproteins that Circulate in the Blood Collecting Fat (.mpg, 19M)
High-density lipoproteins (HDL), often referred to as the "Good Cholesterol", circulates in the blood stream collecting fat and cholesterol from arteries and transporting them to the liver for removal. The movie shows how these lipoproteins (in blue and green) can gather the fat molecules (in white and brown) into small particles allowing them to flow through blood vessels.
How Detergents Can Destroy Nanodiscs (.mpg, 2.3M)
Nanodiscs are very tiny discoidal particles used as platforms for studying single molecule membrane proteins. The movie shows how these nanodiscs (with the proteins in green and blue, and the lipids in orange and white) can be disassembled using the detergent cholate (shown in yellow).