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Which version of NAMD should I download?

The versions of NAMD below are distinguished first by OS, followed by the type of network interface, and whether or not CUDA is supported. If you are installing NAMD on a standalone workstation, we recommend downloading Linux-x86_64-multicore for Linux or Win64 for Windows. If your workstation has a CUDA-capable GPU, you should try downloading Linux-x86_64-multicore-CUDA or Win64-CUDA. If you wish to run multi-copy algorithms, such as replica-exchange MD, you should try the "netlrts" builds, such as Linux-x86_64-netlrts or Linux-x86_64-netlrts-smp-CUDA.

If you have a modern NVIDIA GPU (Pascal or newer), you might also be interested to try the new version 3.0 alpha, which includes the option of running standard MD simulations entirely on a single GPU for much faster performance. See the support web page for more information.

Download NAMD:

NAMD is a parallel, object-oriented molecular dynamics code designed for high-performance simulation of large biomolecular systems. Simulation preparation and analysis is integrated into the visualization package VMD. Visit the NAMD website for complete information and documentation.

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Version 2.15 ALPHA Release (2023-02-04) Platforms:

Version 3.0 GPU-Resident Single-Node-Per-Replicate ALPHA Release (2022-07-24) Platforms:

Version Nightly Build (2022-07-21) Platforms:

Version 2.14 (2020-08-05) Platforms:

Version 2.13 (2018-11-09) Platforms:

Version 2.12 (2016-12-22) Platforms:

Version 2.11 (2015-12-22) Platforms:

Version 2.10 (2014-12-11) Platforms:

Version 2.9 (2012-04-30) Platforms:

Version 2.8 (2011-05-31) Platforms:

Version 2.7 (2010-10-15) Platforms:

Version 2.6 (2006-08-31) Platforms:

Version 2.5 (2003-09-29) Platforms:

Version 2.4 (2002-03-11) Platforms:

Version 2.3 (2001-08-02) Platforms:

Version 2.2 (2000-09-29) Platforms:

Version 2.1 (1999-11-11) Platforms: