1. Boot target machine in "FireWire Target Disk Mode". This is a mode built into the firmware which makes the Mac appear to be a FireWire disk drive to other machines. However it only works for more recent Macs (I think most G4 Macs do it).
    1. Turn computer off
    2. Attach keyboard and monitor
    3. Hold down "T" key
    4. Turn computer on
    5. Continue holding "T" key until a FireWire logo appears on the screen
  2. Boot up source machine
  3. Connect FireWire cable between source and target machines
  4. Log in to source machine as root (or some other user with Administrator access)
  5. Un-mount target disk by dragging it to the trash
  6. Run Disk Utility and reformat the target disk
    • Name it "Macintosh HD"
    • Check the "Install Mac OS 9 drivers" box
  7. Run Carbon Copy Cloner
    1. Select source and target disk appropriately
    2. Click the Preferences button and check "Repair permissions before cloning", "Delete directories before overwriting", and "Make bootable". Leave other options uncheck. Save the preferences.
    3. Click the Log button to open log window
    4. Click on the lock icon button and enter root password
    5. Click on Clone button
    6. Wait about 30 minutes. During that time I get two errors. Click on "ignore"
  8. There is a problem with /usr/bin/ditto, the command that Carbon Copy Cloner uses to copy files, and NFS mounts. The result is that the /private directory does not get copied correctly. So that folder must be copied manually:

  9. cd /; /usr/bin/ditto -rsrcFork /private /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/private
  10. Un-mount the target disk from the source machine by dragging it to the trash.
  11. Turn off the target machine (using the power button on the front of the computer) and turn it back on to bring it up in Mac OS X.