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The computational microscope provided by the Resource's software programs, NAMD and VMD, has enabled hundreds of thousands of researchers worldwide to make discoveries in molecular sciences. While there is no simple metric to capture all the research enabled by the Resource, publications that have cited the Resource's software offer a solid measure for the impact of the computational microscope. Counting only the flagship programs VMD and NAMD, the Resource continues to receive a staggering and increasing number of citations every year, arguing strongly for its high impact and substantial economies of scale. Development and maintenance of these programs are supported by the NIGMS.

The Future of Biomolecular Modeling

A 2015 TCBG Symposium brought together scientists from across the Midwest to brainstorm about what's on the horizon for computational modeling. See a summary of what these experts foresee. Read more

Computational Biology of Membrane Proteins

Since 1988 Illinois researchers have consistently honed their skills in parallel computing, which enabled them to elucidate dynamic processes occurring in many membrane proteins and produce exciting discoveries. By Lisa Pollack Read more


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