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Date: Thu Jul 05 2007 - 09:24:39 CDT

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Claw Isthelaw wrote:

CI> Dear VMD Community,

hi jeff! (btw. am i the only one that find it irritating, that
people use one name in their e-mail address and sign with another?
...or am i just getting old??)!

CI> I'd like to draw a protein backbone using a dashed (or broken)
CI> tube-like representation. So far the best I can do is select one of
CI> the tube-like representations, such as NewCartoon, tube ...........
CI> , and then draw every other residue. But the gaps and dashes are
CI> bigger than I'd like. Does anyone know of a better way to try this?

well, i don't see many alternatives.
you'll either have to 'draw' it yourself with the graphics primitives
offered by the draw/graphics command or hack the VMD code.

i guess you already discarded the idea of setting the tube to
a semi transparent material...


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