From: Cesar Luis Avila (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 20:53:30 CST

Dear Matt,
there is no need to desperate. May be you only need to read the users
guide and follow some tutorials first. Belive me, it won't be a waste of
time at all. Remember that to get those good califications you had to
study first ;-). Once you get to know what VMD can do for you and how,
you will love this program.
Cesar escribió:
> Hello
> I am having extreme difficulty doing what are seemingly the most basic
> things in VMD. For example, I have two PET molecules that I have moved to
> start the membrane. It seems that I should just be able to save the state
> and save all the work I have done. But this is not how it works. When I
> go to re-load, the coordinates are not saved (yes I sent a message to this
> effect before, but the only responses I got seemed extremely cryptic, much
> like everything else I try to do in VMD). I am not trying to be rude or
> insult the programmers of VMD (it seems like a very powerful program if
> one can get it to work!), but I really do need some help. I have have
> spent dozens (or maybe hundreds) of hours trying to do what are
> intuitively very simple things (i.e., making a polymer from a monomer, and
> saving multiple molecules) and gotten absolutely nowhere. I would just
> give up and say it's my stupidity, but I've had no problem with many other
> challenging endeavors (I managed an 800 [highest score] on the GRE math,
> 680 on the verbal, and 740 on the physics, and I am a senior physics
> major). Could someone please give me some pointers, outside of "read the
> tutorials?"
> Any help is sincerely and greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Matt Wolfinbarger