From: Lei Shi (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 18:16:38 CST

      I am a beginner to use the vmd-xplor together with xplor-nih. I
run into a problem of no displaying after I installed everything as
in the readme file.
      It works fine on the first installation and all the graphs can
show up well.
      When I reinstall my xplor-nih and so reinstall the vmd-xplor, I
am starting to have problems like:

                ********** vmd-xplor **********
                * version: 1.5.1 *
                * please send feedback to *
                * *
x84-149-74:~/Desktop/vmd-xplor-1.5.1-Darwin_8 leishi$ rxvt: can't
open display

       This problem is repeated seen from Red hat linux and Macbook.
They seem to due to the problem of the previous intallation and the
second installation disconfortables the software.
       Thanks a lot for the help.