From: daniel aguayo (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 20:39:19 CDT

I'm trying to make a script based video, but i cant make a pause between the
I'm really sure the problem is the wait command. I probe this script on
win2k and linux with the same result
the commands work first and the wait command last. I probe with different
approach but i cant make it works.

Can someone say to me the way to do the wait between the commands?
Thanks a lot
Daniel Aguayo
Biochemistry School
Andres Bello University
Santiago. Chile

mol load pdb WWW.pdb
proc mywait { waittime } {
  set starttime [clock seconds]
  while {[expr [clock seconds] - $starttime < $waittime]} {
proc ss {n} {
for {set x 1} {$x < $n } {set x [expr $x*1.1]} {
scale by $x
mol top 0
axes location lowerleft
display resetview
rotate x by -90
mol top 0
mol delrep 0 top
mol representation NewCartoon 2.100000 7.000000 5.000000
mol color resname
mol addrep top
wait  # or mywait proc
rotate z by 720 1
ss 19
color scale method RWB
saludos desde el fin del mundo