From: Nathan C. Rockwell (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 15:08:00 CDT


Thanks for the quick reply. Incidentally, I have a nonstandard use for the
variable width (using it to represent homology information rather than,
e.g., NMR ensembles), which is why I was interested in how it was
implemented. If, for example, it doesn't autoscale or take signed input,
then I need to be able to set up input such that it will be happy.

Thanks again,

On 4/21/06 12:52 PM, "John Stone" <> wrote:

> Nathan,
> The color by volume feature still misbehaves on MacOS X due to 3-D
> texturing issues on that platform. The feature isn't disabled, but until
> the Mac drivers work correctly, it'll continue be unusable. (or until
> I find a way to work around the problem by changing VMD, if Apple doesn't
> fix the driver) Several other people have told me that they are also having
> problems with 3-D texturing on MacOS X, so this is apparently not specific
> to VMD.
> The ribbons width modulation feature is still non-production, so in order
> to enable it, you'll have to compile from source or get a binary from me.
> I hope to get it into the GUI for the next version.
> John Stone
> On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 12:32:16PM -0700, Nathan C. Rockwell wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> just wondering whether a couple of things that have been discussed on VMD-L
>> have been resolved in 1.8.4.
>> 1. Has color-by-volume become possible for PowerPC Macs? I know it's not
>> running on my machine with 1.8.4, but I was curious as to whether that was
>> still expected or not. Last I heard, Apple was still trying to figure out
>> the problem.
>> 2. Is the variable width for NewRibbons available in the 1.8.4 download?
>> This was discussed on the list about a month ago as a fairly early test
>> version, and I can't tell whether it was included in 1.8.4 or not.
>> 3. Also, related to 2, how is the variable radius implemented? Does it
>> autoscale off of the actual range of B or occupancy values? Could it handle
>> signed input values?
>> Thanks,
>> nr