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Date: Wed Mar 29 2006 - 15:47:24 CST

Probably this?

I use the blue-line sync (stereo enabler) to drive stereo VMD using
CrystalEyes on Dell Precision M70 notebook and IBM Thinkpad A31p
because they have good enough graphics card but not 3-pin DIN output.

Stereo VMD works with stereo-enabler on

VMD on Windows XP, Nvidia Quadro FX Go1400, Go1000 on Dell Precision
M60/M70. (need driver update to do this)
VMD on Redhat only on IBM Thinkpad A31p. (the vendor doesn't supply
Windows driver.)

I don't have a Mac to test so can't comment on it.

What is QBS?


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Dan also writes:

> Its not supposed to work but it does!

All I can say is that if QBS-in-a-window does work some machines, it is
not presently a (hardware) vendor-supported solution. I am just as
surprised as anyonee to read Dan's reports that it works for PyMOL..I
have never myself seen QBS-in-a-window work on non-Quadro hardware
(though I did just try MacPyMOLrc1 [renamed "StereoPyMOL" to force use
of a QBS context] on an iMacG5 LCD and observed the expected
flicker...hmm...looks promising!)


What stereo-enabler gadget do you have exactly? Can you post a part


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> Hi,
> >>> John Stone said:
>  >>   Unless you have one of the newer Macs, you can't do 
> stereo except in
>  >> fullscreen mode as far as I know.[..]
> what about Dan White's recent post on VMD-L about quad 
> buffered stereo on older apple G5's ? (See [1])  Is there any 
> hope that a slight tweak of VMD's display routines for Mac 
> would allow stereo in a window?
> said:
> >> The situation with Chimera, PyMOL, etc. is the same as with VMD... 
> Warren, in message [1] pymol is explicitly mentioned. Were 
> you aware of this and is this about stereo in a window or 
> fullscreen (I am assuming quad buffered means in a window..)
> Cheers,
> Marc
> [1]
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