From: baogen duan (
Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 22:32:59 CDT

    I want to VMD to read a new file type(*.vmf).
  My steps are as follows:
  (1)I downloaded Linux opengl,source code from the
  (2)I wrote a plugin(vmfplugin.c) according to
  mol2plugin.c. There are two directories in source
  code. One is plugins,the other is vmd-1.8.3.
  I copied vmfplugin.c to
  then cd to ../../plugins,typed 'make';'make LINUX'. was created in ../../plugins/compile/
  (3)I copied to
/vmd-1.8.3,then'./configure',cd src 'make install'.
  (5)When I operated File->New Molecule->determine
type->vmf->filename(*.vmf)->load.The interfaces of VMD
disapear at once.
  My questions are as follows:
  (1)Is this method feasible to embed a new file type
  (2)How does VMD recognize an atom's type(C_3,H_
  *.vmf) and a bond's type(S,D in *.vmf)?
  (3)How is every atom linked?
  (4)would you like to give me some advives about my
  (5)What shall I do in order to embed a new file type
  VMD except writing a plugin(vmfplugin.c)?
  Attachments are vmfplugin.c and ch3oh.vmf.
 Thanh you very much!