From: Kevin Smith (
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 09:23:02 CDT

Hi All,
   I'm trying to convert PDB file to STL format for prototyping need using VMD 1.8.3 (windows). I can render VDW representation to STL without any trouble but I really need "surface" rep to be converted to STL. Problem I'm facing is; surface to STL resolution is very very coarse. In VDW rep I have control to increase the sphere resolution but nothing to change the resolution in "surface" draw mode. Could someone suggest how to make a smoother resolution STL file. I'm not worried about if any STL facets are missing or self intersecting because I can easily fix them with stl editor later on but I can't increase the file resolution.
     By the way I have also tried MSMS draw method but noting appears in graphic window. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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