Date: Fri May 06 2005 - 11:05:55 CDT

The other day I became frusterated that the GNU-Darwin package
collection was off-line. All I wanted to do was help someone use
povscript on their new G5 iMac, and it would have been so simple to
'pkg_add -r png' and fix the problem. GNU-Darwin has over 10000
packages for Mac OS X users. The software is binary executable, so
that no tedious compilation is required. Install them,
and they just work, and you can get underway fast with free

Since I'm the GNU-Darwin lead developer, it was simple enough to
solve my friend's problem by getting the needed files from one of the servers. We have all the infrastructure in place to
use nearly any molecular structure program on an Apple computer, and
ready to go. It is unfortunate that others do not have that kind of
access, or maybe they don't have GNU-Darwin discs at hand.

In observance of Tiger compatibility week, we have put the GNU-Darwin
package collection back online, which hopefully solves the problems for
everyone. This is experimental because we might have to withdraw them
again if our webserver bandwidth gets too hammered. Meanwhile enjoy!

Sorry if you get more than one copy of this message, but it is
important that peoples' work is not trammeled because they think they
need to compile the software. Together, let's rev the molecular
structure project.

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