From: Hui-Hsu Tsai (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 14:38:04 CST

 Hi VMD users,

 My question is quite simple: in cartoon model, there are some
"unstructural motifs" which connect two 2nd structural motifs.
Is there any command in VMD I can increase the
thickness of these "unstructural motifs"?

  Currently, we are printing the real 3D model generaled from VMD using
the so called z-printer or 3D printer. we generated the VRML-2 file of our
proteins from VMD and send this file to z-printer.
We can sucessfully print/construct the 3D VDW model.
However, we fail to print/construct the 3D cartoon model. It broke into
pieces. The main reason is the lines connecting two secondary structural
motifs are too thin (too weak to support the the weight of the 2nd
structural motif).