From: CHAUMONT Alain (
Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 10:39:48 CDT

Hello everyone,
I have a cation in a solvent box and I want to center the view on the cation.
So I extract the coordinates of the cation by :

    set sel [atomselect 0 "resid 0" frame now]
    $sel get {x y z}

Than I wanted to change the rotation and centering matrix by

molinfo 0 set {rotation_matrix} [ trans offset {25.7099990845 35.2620010376

while doing this an error appears on the screen saying:

molinfo: set: argument and value lists have different sizes

Well as the command trans offset {25.7099990845 35.2620010376 45.8370018005}
gives a 4x4 matrix I don't understand the problem.

Could anyone help me here?

Thanks a lot....

Laboratoire M.S.M.
ULP Strasbourg