From: Fateme Aghaei (
Date: Fri Dec 30 2022 - 15:45:45 CST

Hope you have been doing well.

I am new in VMD and I need your help.
I am going to color a particle of my system based on the time series of the
force acting on it. The dynamic of the system is simulated by Lammps and I
have dump files for the positions of the particles and the force.
where should I load the time series of the force and how can I set VMD to
color based on it?
I have found some guides by LAMMPSREMAPFIELDS
and also Tcl scripts. but I need more detail to know how to apply them.
I will be thankful if you could help me with these methods or another way
to color the particle according to the dump file of the force.

Best Regards,