From: Bart Bruininks (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2022 - 09:29:59 CST

Dear VMDers,

Lately I have been working more and more with meshes and I am looking for a
way to add
colored meshes with custom materials to my scenes.

I tried playing with the graphics and colors
etc, but nothing seemed to affect the mesh. Is there a way to load two
meshes each with a different vertex coloring (for now all vertex colors are
the same inside the same mesh). My format
is .ply. My true goal would be to have the meshes be transparent red and
transparent blue.

I was also wondering if the optix renderer would allow for materials to
have volumetric properties, e.g. intensity is scaled by the distance a ray
travels inside the mesh (for closed well wound meshes). Such a rendering
would be extremely useful to show meshes from SDFs. Or if this is not
possible, what could be an applicable way to render SDFs, or other density
based objects in VMD? They are quite useful in representing molecular
densities and the differences between them. Wireframes do not convey the
thickness very well IMO and neither do transparent surfaces.

Thanks in advance and I am sure the coloring of the meshes should be
possible, I just do not
see how I guess.