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Date: Sun Jun 12 2022 - 11:54:27 CDT

Hello Michael

In tcl you can use brackets as a command substitution. When you call it, it will be replaced by the result of running the script inside the brackets. You can read more about it here:;!!DZ3fjg!7j4K2qGcfUwjN0Hfuo8g4CL45KDPJjGpbMVr_Y1k8CqBhiJ1USg3tAG3WdfSUGGC5k5Vjznxu3J93qh9W5lcQm9beYiUEQ$

It`s the same logic as you did with the set sel command:

set sel [atomselect top all]

You’re using the result of the atomselect function to create a variable sel. You just have to do the same thing to create your variable list_A:

set list_A [$sel get radius]

This will create a variable with the result from the expression $sel get radius. And now you use it as you wish:

$sel set radius $list_A

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Dear all,

Can anyone instruct me how to pass a list from a result?

For example,
set sel [atomselect top all]
$sel get radius

will return a list of all atoms’ radius, let’s call it list_A.

Now if I want to pass this list back (just for practice purpose):
$sel set radius list_A

How to pass result of “$sel get radius” to a variable list_A and use it in “set radius” command?

Thank you very much.

Michael M.