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Date: Sat May 07 2022 - 00:52:33 CDT

Hello Manuel,

If I understand the goal correctly, it's to interact with a trajectory through a browser. I spent a few hours trying to figure this out in March, and I stumbled upon an R package, r3dmol (based on 3Dmol.js), that can do this for Rmarkdown sites without too much hassle. I had to build a multi-frame PDB of the portion of the trajectory I wanted, so file sizes are definitely a concern.


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Subject: [EXT] Re: vmd-l: Using VMD from a Chrome Web Browser

Hello John,

Understood. It is precisely because I couldnt find any webgl based tools
that support trajectories that I was wondering if vmd had something that I
could use.

In any case, thank you for your help.

All the best
Manuel Mourato

A sexta, 6/05/2022, 17:53, John Stone <> escreveu:

> Hi,
> If you're interested in doing the display in a browser window
> without getting into the complexities of video streaming or
> the like, then for small to moderate sized structures, I would
> say that WebGL is the way to go. I can't comment about trajectory
> display, I don't know if there are any WebGL based molecular viewers
> that support trajectories. I think if you search google for WebGL-based
> viewers you'll probably find quite a few. VMD doesn't have any WebGL
> support, so all of these would involve running totally different software