From: Debostuti Ghoshdastidar (
Date: Mon May 02 2022 - 07:17:12 CDT


I had created a project with ~60 superimposed crystal structures and was
able to load the visualization state until I moved the PDBs to another
directory by mistake. However, even though I restored the files back to the
correct path the visualization state is not loading and shows the following
errors sequentially for each of the PDB files:

>Could not read file *.pdb
>Unable to load file '*.pdb' using file type 'pdb'.
>No molecules loaded.mol operates on one molecule only

Of course the PDB files were not edited, they were moved to another
directory and then moved back. Could someone please suggest a way for me to
recover the project?


Debostuti Ghosh Dastidar
Research Associate