From: Ryan Woltz (
Date: Sun Oct 10 2021 - 10:27:00 CDT

Dear community,

        I've seen a few threads regarding this error but can't find a
anything about my situation as it seems to be a gui interface problem but I
don't have any more verbose to go off of from here.

      I have a completed MD simulation that has ~1106 dcd files to load in
sequence. I"m using the community posted tcl script to do this called
animatedcds and I've been using the same script for a year now with no
issues so I don't think the problem is coming from there. I have multiple
steps with 106 dcd files being loaded in the equilibration phase and 1000
dcds being loaded in the production phase. The issue is it stops loading at
file 995 in the production phase. I then load manually file 996 to using
the GUI file load menu but get the error:

X_ChangeProperty: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)

I'm not running out of RAM as I have 128 GB and I'm only using 43 GB. Any
suggestions on what the problem is? Does VMD only load 1100 files and I
need to combine them into sections? I'm really confused why this would
happen as there was never any failures loading files to check how the
simulation was going before completion (less than 950 production dcd files).

Thank you,