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Date: Tue Mar 16 2021 - 10:54:00 CDT

Hi Davide,

   Do you see the atoms moving with another visualization approach (;!!DZ3fjg!r4x1p7_05tPeWJkDhjbZOf6m7H7XvuYhmfJhOis4W-UZXTUlxgTe5-7IGQhOElUV-g$ That would narrow down whether it was a VMD issue, or a problem with the trajectory file input. A handful of frames is probably enough for a test case.

Cheers; Chris

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Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 7:25 AM
To: Davide Marchi <>
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Subject: Re: vmd-l: cannot visualize GROMACS trajectories in VMD 1.9.4 on MacOS Big Sur

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there is no reason why some atoms do not move in fact as you point out no error message appears in the vmd console. i think there is an error in the gromacs dynamics. perhaps you are not a skilled user of this calculation method.


Il giorno mar 16 mar 2021 alle 12:20 Davide Marchi <<>> ha scritto:
dear VMD users,

my OS is macOS Big Sur version 11.2.1 and i'm using VMD version 1.9.4
when i load a GROMACS .trr trajectory i don't see any error messages, but the atoms won't move. the same trajectory files behave as expected when loaded on a different machine and VMD version (Windows 7 virtual environment with VMD 1.9.3).

are GROMACS trajectories still not implemented in VMD 1.9.4 for mac? thanks in advance.