From: Prof. Eddie (
Date: Wed Feb 03 2021 - 10:29:56 CST

Hi all,
I wanted to try and optimize progesterone (for use and to learn more about
parameterization) using fftk so I started by using the charmmgui ligand
reader on progesterone and then used the pdb and psf to start fftk. The
problem is once I get to the Opt. Charg. it gives the error: domain error:
argument not in a valid range for the ComputerIntE line 47 (and the formula
looks like the vdW formula). I notice when I put in the charmmgui generated
psd/pdb and all the parameter files (toppar/par_all36* ) fftk comes up
empty for the VDW/LJ parameters. The existing and analogy prm files don't
have anything in them for vdw. Is there some missing step I need to do
since it doesn't find any missing vdw/LJ?

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