From: Maria Dimitrova (
Date: Fri Jan 22 2021 - 02:21:56 CST

Dear Ashar,

Thank you for the suggestion. We only have one login node. It is our
lab's minicluster. Axel suggested that it is likely due to different OS,
which is quite likely - I am running Ubuntu 20, while on the cluster we
have CentOS 7. CentOS does not feature the latest libraries and packages.

Kind regards,


On 21.1.2021 15.02, Ashar Malik wrote:
> Dear Maria,
>  X forwarding works with other programs and I also see VMD's main
> window, just that the OpenGL does not function properly
> Are you connecting to the same node that other computers connect to
> and use VMD in gui?
> If you are able to see vmd main window (start on cluster) and
> displayed on your end when using ssh with graphical support then a
> likely explanation for VMD not fully starting (i.e. just the graphics
> window [OpenGL] failing) on the server can be that the node you are
> connected to does not support it?
> Unfortunately, this is all I can suggest. Perhaps someone else can add
> to this.
> Regards,
> /Ashar