From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Dec 31 2020 - 11:08:43 CST

  Are you still unable to get VMD to start if you start a
windows command prompt and run the command "set VMDNOOSPRAY=1" ?
I would expect that to cure this problem for you as it has for others.
Your email didn't show any output following the vmd.exe launch command,
so it's not clear what the result of your test was.

Best regards,
  John Stone

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 07:16:24PM -0600, Emma Wu wrote:
> Hi,
> I have recently downloaded the Windows 64-bit, CUDA, OptiX, OSPRay (64-bit
> Intel x86_64)
> <>
> (Windows
> 10). However, when I try to run it, VMD doesn't work. I get the following
> issue:
> Info) VMD for WIN64, version 1.9.4a51 (December 21, 2020)
> Info)
> Info) Email questions and bug reports to
> Info) Please include this reference in published work using VMD:
> Info) Humphrey, W., Dalke, A. and Schulten, K., `VMD - Visual
> Info) Molecular Dynamics', J. Molec. Graphics 1996, 14.1, 33-38.
> Info) -------------------------------------------------------------
> Info) Multithreading available, 8 CPUs detected.
> Info) CPU features: SSE2 SSE4.1 AVX AVX2 FMA F16 HT
> Info) Free system memory: 27GB (85%)
> Info) No CUDA accelerator devices available.
> Info) OpenGL renderer: Quadro M620/PCIe/SSE2
> Info) Full GLSL rendering mode is available.
> Info) Textures: 2-D (16384x16384), 3-D (4096x4096x4096), Multitexture (4)
> Info) No joysticks found. Joystick interface disabled.
> #osp: INITIALIZATION ERROR --> #osp:api: could not find module initializer
> ospray_init_module_ispc
> #osp: INITIALIZATION ERROR --> Could not find device of type: default.
> Make sure you have the correct OSPRay libraries linked.
> #osp: INITIALIZATION ERROR --> OSPRay not yet initialized (most likely this
> means you tried to call an ospray API function before first calling
> ospInit())(pid 1768)
> I've looked through the VMD mailing and this is the output I get after I
> try:
> PS C:\Program Files\VMD> set VMDNOOSPRAY=1
> PS C:\Program Files\VMD> .\vmd.exe
> I was wondering what I could do to fix this issue? Thanks!
> Best,
> Emma

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