From: Lokendra Poudel (
Date: Tue Oct 13 2020 - 14:15:39 CDT

Hi All!

I am using ffTK for force field optimization of a drug through QM data. I
optimized the geometry of the drug from the Gauusian09 program and got a
log file. After this, I tried to get optimize the PDB file through fftk
with Opt.Geometry tab so I loaded old PDB and gauusian log file. But, my
log file did not read fully (there were 33 frames/structures in the log
file but shows only 1 frame in VMD's main window). Does anyone encounter
such type of problem? please suggest to me how to fix this problem. By the
way, I am using VMD-1.9.4a43 and a Linux machine with ubuntu 18.04

Lokendra Poudel, PhD