From: Almeida-HernŠndez, Yasser, Dr. (
Date: Tue Sep 29 2020 - 11:49:53 CDT

However, I have been experiencing several errors from FFTK with very non-obvious messages (honestly tcl is not friendly at all when it comes to errors), or the program just stay unresponsive. For example, Gaussian produces some log files wich terminate normally but in the end, it states "This type of calculation cannot be archived." When loading the QM data (during torsions optimization) FFTK just get stuck, with no message. I solved by re-running Gaussian.



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Maybe! We tried to make FFTK robust to all sorts of input combinations, but itís still possible that certain ones cause some subtle, hard-to-track-down error. Glad to see you got it to work though.


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Hi all,

The error was solved when I deselect the debug file option in the Advanced Settings.

Is this a bug?

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Hi all,

I am getting this error during the torsions optimization in FFTK.

All the fields are properly filled with the respective paths and files.

Any thought?

Thanks in advance,

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