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Date: Mon Mar 16 2020 - 11:52:08 CDT

Little hard to say, but if according to the HW requirements if the main use is for Visualization then go with the 4cores (hyper threaded) with a 1660ti.

“Since the choice of the GPU chipset or card has the biggest impact on the visualization capabilities and performance of VMD, this is the hardware component that is worth spending money on if one's intended use of VMD is primarily focused on visualization related tasks.

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From: <> On Behalf Of Morgan Hoffman
Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2020 5:56 PM
Subject: vmd-l: Recommended Hardware

I am helping a graduate student spec out some hardware to run this. She has a limited budget and needs to be mobile.

I see this app is GPU accelerated, but we are weighing between CPU and GPU.

She is running an average of 25k particle simulation for 1microsecond file sizes looking around 88G

I was debating between:

4cores (hyper threaded) with a 1660ti
6cores (hyper threaded) with a 1650

Storage and RAM are similar and flexible and will like be NVME and 16-32GB

I see a few things mentioned here about the GPU acceleration, does that alleviate the System Memory resources as the computation takes place on the GPU utilizing the video memory?

Sorry to pollute the list with this but we lack the expertise.