From: FX (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2019 - 05:10:39 CST

> You could easily modify the VMD launch script to make
> it use rlwrap if you install it on your machine. Give that a try and
> look at the VMD unix/linux startup scripts for comparison.

This is working great! I will enable it by default.

Other macOS-related questions while I’m there:

1. in three places in FltkOpenGLDisplayDevice you have:

  // XXX this may not be reliable on MacOS X with recent revs of FLTK
  window->size_range(1,1,0,0); // resizable to full screen

Do you know what the issue is supposed to be? Resizing the OpenGL window to full screen works fine. I’ve tried both operations, since macOS has two concepts of “full screen”: real full-screen, and “full screen but keep the macOS menu bar and dock visible”. Both work fine.

2. Do you have the original VMD file to generate the water molecule that is used as VMD icon on macOS? The current icon has some (tiny) issues with its alpha channel.