Date: Fri Dec 06 2019 - 13:55:37 CST

Hello vmd developers,
We recently installed vmd-1.9.3 with cuda, OPTIX and ospray support on
centos 7 systems (total 4 systems, 64 bit os, Intel Xeon, Nvidia rtx2060
and rtx2080ti) via the module system. On all systems, the latest cuda
version (cuda 10.1) is installed along with the latest display driver from
NVIDIA. The startup of vmd also gives no errors. However, when we attempt
to ray trace the loaded molecule, the option to use Tachyon+OPTIX is simply
missing from the systems. Installing the latest vmd-1.9.4 alpha build
locally have the same results.
The issue that vexes us is that on an identical system with same gpus, cuda
version but only ubuntu-18.04 64 bit LTS version, the Tachyon+ OPTIX/ospray

Can the developers please aid us in this matter to get the OPTIX ray
tracing working properly?

With warm regards,