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Date: Thu Sep 19 2019 - 08:39:00 CDT

Dear Luciano,
Thanks for your reply. Probably is is possible to add color information via HTML, but rather unpractical.

In addition, I do believe there is something more than this. My impression is that color is treated differently when the surface is colored using colorID or "color by volume ".
For instance, I also tried to save a movie with VMD movie maker of a rotation around y-axis and rendering with TachyonL Optix. The .ppm files that I get represent the surface without color information.
So I have the impression that color information is not linked to vertices like it occurs with other coloring ways.

Does anybody have any clue?

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On 19/09/2019, 09:37, "Luciano Abriata" <> wrote:

    Ciao Walter,
    I've been using obj+mtl files for some AR applications and indeed, the colour information of some objects, particularly meshes, is lost. Luckily, in HTML you can color-code the mesh ad hoc (this only works if you don't load the mtl file, thus leaving all materials free to be set from code). Maybe you can use a similar trick in the program you are using.
    Note I have also seen some inversions going on in the meshes (like say x coordinates become -x) that I don't understand, but luckily HTML provides a way to re-invert them. I asked about these issues in this mailing list but apparently there's not much development going on.
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    Asunto: vmd-l: exporting 3D model of a volume-based colored mesh
    I would like to export the mesh of a surface created in VMD and colored based on a electrostatic potential. The final aim would be to have a 3D model on it (e.g. a .u3d format)
    I tried most of the output options provided by VMD, including wavefront .obj and .mtl files. When the surface is colored with a colorID, it seems to work.
    In contrast, when I loaded these files in Meshlab, it seemed that the information of the color was missing?
    Is there any way to do it correctly?
    Thank you
    Walter Rocchia, PhD, Head
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