From: Stefan Boresch (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2019 - 01:54:58 CST

Dear VMD Team,

aside from my research, I use VMD quite a bit for teaching. For various
reasons we are switching courses from a dedicated computer lab (where the
whatever Linux version needed is pre-installed) to have students use their
own laptops. Thus, I'll have to ask students to download/install VMD on
their machines. However, here (Austria) the majority of students'
computers runs Windows, and the most recent precompiled version is 1.9.3.

Now, 1.9.3 does everything and more I need for my courses (and 32bit only
isn't an issue either), but 1.9.3 cannot download directly from the PDB.
(And I understand that the reasons for this are out of control of the VMD

I apologize for the request, but is there a chance to get a newer
version of vmd pre-compiled?

I would offer to try to compile VMD myself, but I have no experience
whatsoever building any nontrivial software on Windows; also, I am not even
sure where to find source for 1.9.4alpha versions.

Help, pointers, suggestions welcome -- thanks in advance!