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Date: Tue Feb 19 2019 - 12:35:31 CST

Is it complaining about voltool or volutil? Volutil is a package that you'd load with "package require volutil", which in principle should have been loaded when you did a "package require mdff". I'm unfamiliar with any voltool commands.


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Are there any necessary packages required? Have you imported them?

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Dear all,
I am new using VMD and MDFF. I am trying to do a flexible fitting of an atomic structure into a cryo-EM low resolution volume following the tutorial, but I get already stuck running on the VDM console the mdff sim to obtain a simulate map out of the pdb.
I use the following command:
mdff sim $sel -res 5 -o map.situs
And I got the following error:
invalid command name "voltool"
I would really much appreciate your help·
Kind regards,

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