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Date: Wed Nov 21 2018 - 00:19:11 CST

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> Dear all,
> I have a pdb of a parallelepiped unit cell of a solid. I want to create a
> slab of this solid by repeating the unit cell along x,y and z directions.
See replicatemol command from topotools. Link:
If your aim is to "create a slab of this solid by repeating", then you
might want to use "addbond" command to covalently bond between atoms at the
interface of cells.

> I can add images of the unit cell in the x,y and z directions by using the
> "Graphics -> Representations -> Periodic" in vmd and by enabling periodic
> images to draw. Is there any method to save the visualization as a pdb? or
> what is the easiest method to create such a pdb from the pdb of the unit
> cell I have?
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Monika
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