From: Craig Shepherd (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 13:18:58 CDT

Hi all,

I'm aware of the web page
instructing authors how to cite VMD,
but the proofreader of a manuscript I submitted noted a difference
between the one I gave (as per the page above) and the entry in pubmed.

The latter is kind of strange. It appears to have two separate page

Humphrey, W., Dalke A., Schulten K.
VMD: visual molecular dynamics.
J Mol Graph. 1996 Feb;14(1):33-8, 27-8.
PMID: 8744570 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

I'm going to go with the suggested citation instructions on the VMD site.

Just thought I would mention it to the list in case the pubmed
database is in error and you'd like to change it.

Craig Shepherd