From: Norge Cruz Hernández (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2018 - 05:32:39 CDT


Dear Emad Tajkhorshid,

I amusing the "Force Field Toolkit" from VMD to parameteriza small
Molecules. In this way, I have selected the Water Int. tab of the ffTK.
I have written the *-ACC-*.gau, as well as, the *-DON-*.gau files. After
that, I have performed the opt calculation by using Gaussian 09.

The *.gau files have the head: Opt=(Z-matrix,MaxCycles=100)

Then, I have optained the *.log files after running Gaussian 09, with
"Normal termination of Gaussian 09 .... ". However, when I am loading
the *.log by Water Int. tab of the ffTK I have: "Couldn't read ´Input

So, what can I do?


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