From: Goedde, Chris (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2018 - 10:53:45 CDT

> You wouldn't happen to have made your .vmdrc file with VMDPrefs, would you? By default, the contents are then enclosed in a "after idle" command, which will delay executing your vmdrc contents until after VMD is done processing input commands. I solved this problem for myself by putting the auto_path append commands outside of the after idle command, so that they are executed immediately at startup.

Thanks for the reply; it got me to take another look at my .vmdrc.

I did have an idle command, but it was at the end, so it wasn’t the problem. I did have the auto_path command after some commands that fiddle with the display, like the menu command. Moving the auto_path to the front of the file fixed things. I guess there’s some threading going on that makes things sensitive to the order of the commands in the .vmdrc file.

Thanks again.