Date: Mon May 21 2018 - 09:29:04 CDT

thank you so much for your reply.i have download the two file
according to your link in the directory /home/intel/gromacs. and
follow this (writting the below command in vmd tk concole)
gunzip orient.tar.gz
  tar xf orient.tar
  gunzip la101psx.tar.gz
  tar xf la101psx.tar
lappend auto_path /home/paul/scripts/la1.0
  lappend auto_path /home/paul/scripts/orient
and write /home/intel/gromacs instead of /home/paul/scripts but still
when i am trying to analyse secondary structure of martini protein cg
but still the error is coming
invalid command name "La::mevsvd_br"
can you please suggest me why i am not getting this.

thanking you
shahee islam
university of calcutta