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Hi Jim,


I'll write and send in a patch for this as it's an issue I notice too.

A short-term fix is to just delete the second number on the first line of the file with a text editor.






On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 4:36 PM, James Kress < <> > wrote:

Rst7 files generated by Amber cpptraj are not readable by VMD 1.9.3 I found
the following in the mailing list. Has this bug been fixed yet? I am using
VMD 1.9.3 on Win7 Pro and RHEL Linux. Both suffer from this issue.

Thanks for any assistance.

Jim Kress

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  If you can send me some gzipped example files that have this formatting,
I can take a crack at it when I get a chance.

  John Stone <>

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 11:28:30AM +0100, Vlad Cojocaru wrote:
> Dear VMD users,
> I noticed that VMD cannot properly read the rst7 created by CPPTRAJ. The
> reason for this appears to be the formatting of the second line (see
> below). The number "0.0000000E+00" represents the time in "ps". Removing
> it makes the file readable by VMD with the rst7 file format.
> *** first 2 lines of rst7 file created by CPPTRAJ ***
> Cpptraj Generated Restart
> 226253 0.0000000E+00
> It could be nice if the plugin could be modified to read these files
> correctly.
> Best wishes
> Vlad
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