From: Goedde, Chris (
Date: Mon May 07 2018 - 15:44:18 CDT

Thanks very much for the reply.

> You didn't indicate whether or not your Jupyter notebook had redirected
> the stdin stream to VMD. What happens if you redirect /dev/null into the
> stdin input of VMD on your machine?

I confess I don’t understand this suggestion. Why would I do that and what would it tell me?

> Does your Jupyter wrapper terminate
> the subprocess when any output comes to stderr? I ask because I've seen
> other people's server-side VMD wrappers run into such problems, where their
> outer wrapper closes down the child process if any output goes to stderr.

I don’t think so. I changed my test input file so it wrote to stderr and the text appeared in the stderr log file.

> Neither the "display reposition" nor the "display resize" command should result
> in any errors or other unusual behavior, at least none that I'm aware of,
> if you're running VMD in text mode.

I wouldn’t have thought so.