From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2018 - 09:50:33 CST

  VMD is linked with NetCDF only when the plugins are compiled with it
also. It doesn't hurt to link VMD against NetCDF if there are no plugins
using it, but conversely, if VMD is not linked against NetCDF, then plugins
that use it will fail to load. This is due to previous revs of NetCDF using
static linkage. With dynamic linkage, it would not longer be necessary to
link NetCDF in any case, but the NetCDF shared library and all of its
own dependencies would have to be redistributed with VMD in its
installation directory. If you look in the installation directory of
VMD binary produced by me, you will see many other shared libraries which
are required by various features of VMD, that's what I'm referring to.

  John Stone

On Sun, Mar 04, 2018 at 04:41:08PM +0330, Mahmood Naderan wrote:
> Hi,
> While building plugins, I decided to remove "NETCDFLDFLAGS = -lnetcdf
> " line from the Make-arch file (LINUXAMD64 section). I didn't see any
> error then!
> Is that normal? Isn't that mandatory?
> Regards,
> Mahmood

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