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Date: Fri Dec 15 2017 - 12:25:57 CST

Yeah. Mailing lists don't like NREL emails. :( John knows, and there are ways of fixing it, I'm just not sure if it has been implemented yet. One note: if you are using 1.9.3, the procedure will error for you due to a mistake introduced right before release. The beta builds of 1.9.4 will work, as will 1.9.2, or commenting out the offending line within the plugins directory of 1.9.3 (see the discussion in a previous entry to the list: ParmEd will work too. Neither approach will get you an itp file, but those aren't strictly speaking needed for most simulation applications.


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Hi users

How can I use the parameter.par file generated using ffTK for GROMACS?

How can I convert them to required itp, top and gro file formats?
 Thank you

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