From: Seera Suryanarayana (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2017 - 00:18:06 CDT

Dear vmd users,

I have 15 PDBs and I have to calculate the RMSD for all the 14PDBs with
first PDB.
I have executed one tcl script with tclsh command. The script has the
following information...

set sel1 [atomselect 0 "backbone"]
set sel2 [atomselect 1 "backbone"]
measure rmsd $sel1 $sel2

As example I ran the script with 2 PDBs and I got following error.

Invalid command name "atomselect"

    while executing

"atomselect 0 "backbone""

invoked from within

"set sel1 [atomselect 0 "backbone"]"

(file "rmsd.tcl" line 1)

Kindly tell me whats wrong in the script.

Thanks in advance

Graduate student