From: Xiaohu Hu (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2017 - 13:30:36 CDT

Dear all,

I am seeing a strange network error when I tried to use VRPN to connect
a sensible phantom haptic device to another computer running the
software. So I have this following setup:

- A windows 7 machine running VRPN server 7.33, the haptic device is
connected to the windows machine and is properly configured. I used the
vrpn_print_devices.exe command to verfied it.

- A second linux computer running ubuntu 16.04 has the software VMD
installed on it which should connect to the VRPN server on the win7
machine. The goal is to use the haptic device as a input device for the
IMD that will be ran on the linux machine.

Everything seems fine until when I try to connect to the VRPN server
from the linux machine. On the server screen, I see the following
repeating error message:

vrpn: Connection request received from 51469
vrpn_Endpoint::connect_tcp_to: Could not connect to machine
port 51469
Winsock error: 10061
vrpn_Endpoint::setup_new_connection:  Can't write cookie.
vrpn_Connection_IP::handle_connection():  Can't set up new connection!

meanwhile on the linux machine I see this repeating error message on the
vmd console:

from Phantom: No response from server for >= 10 seconds

It seems that the vmd on the linux machine is trying to make a request
to connect to the VRPN server, which is received by the VRPN server, but
when the server tries to talk back to the vmd, it gets denied for some
reason (ergo the winsock 10061 error?). I have turned off the firewalls
on both machines and the same thing still happens.

I am wondering whether it is a VRPN issue or a network issue, both
computers are connected to the same network, they should be on the same
subnet. I am wondering if anyone else has seen similar error? Any help
here is appreciated, and much thanks in advance!